Be Grateful, Love Unconditionally


Work The Steps and Live Free


Be Aware of Your Emotions So You Can Be in the Moment



Been in Recovery for over 25 years and it takes time to heal and grow emotionally and spiritually.  To heal the whole - mind, body and soul.

My purpose helps people see themselves so they wake up each day joyful and full of life.  Every day needs to be about Love, Work and Laughter.

Join me on a journey of self-awareness so you can live your best life.



Grateful Compulsive Gambler and Alcoholic and through these struggles, I was able to find myself.

Embracing my new life and the detour that I took, I can now help people understand their own addictions, anxiety and emotional blocks.

I can lead you into your world of self discovery, your insights into the real you so you are on top of the world.


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"I have heard Hugo present the Steps a few times.  I have been in recovery for 52 years for my gambling addiction.  I have heard this done many times and never heard anyone do it better than the way Hugo does it."

Arnie Wexler

"I can't tell you how helpful Hugo has been within my journey and helping me pivot my mindset to have a better life for my child and myself.  Thank you Hugo."

Tahirah Williams